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The Paleo Recipe Book

Do You Crave Health?

Crave Health

Do you ever wonder if you are making the right choices for yourself and your family?

Have you ever stood in an aisle at the grocery store and wondered how to make the best decision?

It is our goal to give you the power of knowledge.

Bodhi, Mind & Spirit custom designs programs to best suit your needs and interests whether you are a company, family or an individual.  Be assured that we can provide you with the training and information necessary to make lifestyle changes and plan for optimal health.

A journey of self discovery awaits you.  We are dedicated to teaching you about natural and highly effective alternatives to drugs and surgery, in an effort to give your body every chance to heal itself naturally.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Bodhi, Mind & Spirit is to teach a new way of life that is happy, healthy and fulfilling.  Our focus is on people who have health issues and want to actively participate in managing their condition.  Our program teaches people practical and easy to apply healing techniques to balance their body, mind and spirit.

At Bodhi we understand that education is the key to managing and preventing chronic illness and diseases.  With knowledge comes power.  We want you to become empowered in your self-management.

More Information

Nutritional Consultant

Definition: Someone who analyzes an individual’s diet, habits and lifestyle. The body, mind and spirit are taken into consideration because these three systems need to come to centre for a human to be in balance.

Nutritional Educator

Definition: A person who has a passion to share information in a clear and concise way about diet, lifestyle and general health.

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